Natural Cycle and Follicular Monitoring

When couple needs to visit doctor?

➣ The couple / wife has to visit the doctor on Day 2/3, get a baseline Pelvic Scan
➣ Again has to visit alternate days on Day 9/10 alternate days till follicle is mature
➣ So only 3 to 4 visit in one cycle
➣ Our IVF lab is kept at par with international standards, with all latest and proven equipments and technologies.

Do the couple need to take medications?

➣ No hormone pills, only vitamin supplements might be supplemented

What is the benefit of this method?

➣ It helps couples with no major problems, to know about their ovulation and thereafter time intercourse.
➣ Gives confidence that ovulation is happening normally
➣ It increases success rate by 5 %

Who can benefit from this method?

➣ Young couple with no major issues in ovulation , sperm factor and tubes are open.